We use only natural and organic plant extracts and essential oils from controlled sources.

In ARGOL™ products we only use premium quality, natural, essential oils filtered and cleaned of impurities and distillation residue in accordance with the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, carefully selected and rich in active substances, free from pesticides or fertilizers.

Essential oils are plant extracts, obtained by steam distillation, organic solvent distillation or traditional pressing, often at reduced air pressure.
They are mixtures of many organic substances with complex chemical structures, terpenes, dyes, and tannins. They are more or less volatile, with an intense scent and often a distinct therapeutic effect.

"It is nature’s genius that blends complex substances and crafts unique and effective essential oils. Even the best human efforts to combine chemical compounds in the correct proportions would still not yield an identical and effective oil. While using modern technology it is possible to manufacture synthetic versions of essential oils, but they lack a myriad of micro and macro elements, multi-minerals, terpenes, and many other substances that work together to deliver the final therapeutic effect."

"Effective aromatherapy and phytotherapy require the use of truly natural essential oils extracted from plants, then filtered and cleaned as indicated by the Pharmacopoeia."

Lukasz Rychlicki - CEO


We have minimized the consumption of plastic in packaging to the absolute minimum. ARGOL™ direct packaging is made of aluminum and glass - the most environmentally friendly packaging materials. Both aluminium and glass can be recycled over and over again, with no loss of quality or purity in the product.

ARGOL™ cartons are made from sustainably sourced paper.

40% post-consumer waste
Up to 15% of virgin tree pulp replaced by corn residues
100% green energy


We are officially solar powered! Our own solar farm began producing clean solar energy in January 2022. Our panels produce almost 100% of our energy needs both for manufacturing and offices. Any excess energy we produce is fed into the electrical grid making it available for other users. Similarly, when we run out we source the missing energy from the grid. The next step? Our own energy storage! As soon as we are there we will let you know! This planet is our habitat, it is the responsibility of all of us to keep it clean and thriving. To make it so, we have to take steps to make it greener every single day. (Solar plant data updated monthly).

amount of co2 reduced

8072.4 kg

standard coal saved

3238.7 kg

deforestation reduced

445 trees